B E H I N D. T H E. S C E N E S.

Nobody can relate to perfection because it simply does not exist.

The truth about motherhood seldom portrayed on social media is that the house doesn’t always look perfect, the laundry isn’t always finished, and we don’t always have fresh flowers in the house although we try to. Sometimes the house becomes a mess, heck, sometimes YOU’RE a mess. A beautiful motherly kind of mess, though. And you learn to love this new version of yourself.

This picture shows Darya crawling away from me, and one (not mine) sitting next to me. It was taken after a full day out and about with the bebe and my friend, Malissa, and her baby, who were visiting from California. Initially the day started out very adventurous. We had grand plans for ourselves, but as you all know, making plans with babies is hilarious. In fact, you know how the saying goes” Life is when you make plans, and God laughs?”, well my new version of this is “Life is when you make plans, and babies laugh.” Like, honestly, you may do half of the things you intended to do for the day. More than likely, not even half, but some or even just one or two items off your to do list will be successfully checked off. But you know what? We laughed a lot that day.

Even though our big grand plans didn’t end up happening, we had a great day. We took it as it came our way. We basked in the moment with the babies and with each other. There was no resistance. Not. One. Bit.



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