Central Park Wandering + Pondering

This bebe is 11 months old. Everybody says how quickly the time will go, but you never really believe them. I can’t believe she will be one year in just a few short weeks. It’s been an adventure watching her grow, and watching myself grow into this new role. She has taught me so much, like how to ease up and take things slowly. How to simply slow down and BE.She’s made me stronger, wiser, better and has completely changed my life. Each day she teaches me a little bit more about being whole and complete. How to live and act from a place of love. How to show up in this world as a source of Love, only. How to always return back to that love as a place from which I receive energy, but also where I give it.

She teaches me to be patient by testing my limits, and has of course, taught me to be easy and adapt and just

B E. L I K E. W A T E R.

Outfit Deets: White Dress | Pinkyotto

Darya’s: Sweet William | Williamsburg, Brooklyn

All my love,


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