España | Shoot My Travel

Hi friends!


Our babe will be two very soon, so I’ve been going down memory lane and looking at pictures from her first year of life. Some of my favorite captured moments with her are from our trip to Spain when she had just turned one. We don’t take family pictures often, as in paid photo shoots, so we’ve decided we will take those shoots on our adventures. Those adventures and memories are our most memorable, they give us uninterrupted time as a family, far far away from home and our daily routines. They are priceless to us and so photographing them is a no brainer! We are also not in to the posed-forced kind of family photography we see often, and wanted to take a different route that best suites us as a couple and as a family.

Thus, we decided to use Shoot My Travel, a company that provides you with a photographer in almost any city you want to travel to (and they are rapidly expanding, so don’t worry if your destination isn’t on the list yet!) They also recently created an app, which serves like an Uber for finding a photographer. It’s the easiest thing, and the most valuable, too. I highly recommend using this service when you’re in a different city or country because most of the time, you’re either taking selfies, or one parent is in the photo and the other is taking it. As a mama, I know that we are rarely in the picture! We are usually taking them of our babes, and we forget to be in them, too. Well when she grows up, and looks back on these memories, since the photos will be all that she will have from these experiences, I definitely want to be in them. Mama’s, you know what I am talking about 😉


I’ve also been getting asked a lot about tips on traveling with a baby. I’ll be following up with that shortly, stay tuned! for now, here are some of the photos from our photoshoot in Seville!





leila-family-seville_12.jpgleila-family-seville_8 (1).jpgleila-family-seville_24.jpgleila-family-seville_16.jpgleila-family-seville_22.jpgleila-family-seville_17.jpgleila-family-seville_19.jpgleila-family-seville_15 (1).jpgleila-family-seville_6.jpgleila-family-seville_16.jpg


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